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Why BxK

Do Motherhood your way

At Bonnie x Kind, we believe staying true to YOU is paramount. And that means not trading in the little habits or things you love – that make you happy – just because you are or have become a ‘mum’. Be empowered to still enjoy and wear beautiful apparels that makes you feel self-assured and confident. These seemingly small things are often the things that make us a better mum, a better wife, partner and friend.

Don’t buy into all the ‘stuff’ we’re told we 'should' when it doesn't feel right. Do what makes you feel happy and contented because we’re all different and how we each ‘do’ motherhood will also vary and that's ok.

Don't settle. Do it your way x

Motherhood is an experience no woman is completely prepared for - emotionally or mentally.

We may feel an intense shift when we lose some of the things that we had full control of: Our body, Our identity. Our freedom to be spontaneous....

Don't give up on the aesthetics and clothes that previously made us happy and confident!

Be kind...

Remember to be kind to yourself. Run your own race because we’re all unique and doing our very best..

“Children feel neither a past nor future. They enjoy the present, which very few of us do.” — French philosopher Jean De La Bruyere.

It’s time to celebrate ‘doing womanhood’ looking and feeling like ‘YOU.’ Join our world of confident women with individuality and style.

- Bonnie x Kind

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