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About BxK

Our Founder

“I knew my journey into motherhood was the start of a new chapter. I willingly prepared for compromise and sacrifice with the addition of new life into my world and was happy to embrace these changes.  One thing I was adamant to keep, was my inherent sense of style. Refusing to give in to the naff, cumbersome offerings of baby-bag accessories, I set about on a mission to thoughtfully create a better alternative that made me feel good, polished and like my ‘old’ self. The design needed to not only be functional but timeless and versatile so I'll continue to love and wear well beyond baby and through all stages of womanhood. And thus, Bonnie x Kind was born.

Bonnie x Kind’s Founder, mother of two and fashion lover, Judy Fraser noticed when she was pregnant with her son in 2015, there was a deficit of elegant, timeless designs for new mothers. She mourned swapping out beautiful handbags and totes she’d collected over the years for a cumbersome, unappealing and often impractical ‘baby bag’ that lacked all the feelgood-fashion-vibes she so desperately needed in this time. After realising friends and other mothers around her all felt the same, she started sketching, in search for a better solution.

With a successful career in Marketing representing global brands, Judy is no stranger to consumer-related problem solving. She has launched countless successful campaigns and brought innovations to the market for well-loved brands. With these skills in hand, Judy has created a new way for the modern, stylish woman who don’t want the typical baby bag, but rather want to invest in a luxurious piece that has all the functionality but the versatility to transcend through all stages of womanhood. It needed to have the aesthetics that their ‘old self’ would have lusted over and wanted to buy vs. settling for something that just didn’t ‘feel’ like them.

Since launching Bonnie x Kind, The Bonnie Kit has sold out every season and continues to be adored by women around the world. Whether it’s the changeroom, running everyday errands, work, playground, jet-setting or cocktails with girlfriends – she really is the perfect companion for every occasion.

“I really hope Bonnie x Kind helps to support and uplift women throughout their daily journey. I want every woman to feel confident, empowered and proud, especially when they wear a Bonnie x Kind piece. That would be a dream come true.”

Our Story

At Bonnie x Kind, we believe there are certain things that shouldn’t be sacrificed. We should still be able to feel clever and brave and poised in what we wear, and also stay true to our own aesthetic, no matter what stage of life we're in.

When we feel good with our choices, we are our best selves

We cherish beautiful bags. They dress up any outfit, and on those ‘off’ days a beautiful bag can make you feel good and pulled together so you're ready for just about anything. We shouldn’t have to compromise our love of beautiful and graceful apparel for options that don't 'feel' right. When we feel confident with our choices – even with things as whimsical as fashion – then we elevate into our best selves. We make better mothers, better partners, better friends.

Remain unapologetically you

We want every woman to have the option to carry something they love and not have settle.

We've thoughtfully created deliciously apparel that your ‘old self’ would have loved and snapped up in a heartbeat. And they are functional, versatile and they will transition with you through all stages of womanhood.

Here's to staying true to YOU and not being apologetic of wanting to look and feel polished.

“Our name (Bonnie and Kind) honours the women who exemplify our world of modern motherhood... simply put, they are Beautiful and Kind.

BONNIE is often used to describe one who is beautiful, loving, warm and strong – inside and out. These qualities, I believe, make wondrous women and mothers. I think we are all just that – wondrous women, tremendous mums – doing our best for our little ones.

KIND captures the sentiment I was consistently reminded of by my parents when I growing up, and that was ‘Be Kind.’ Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. We are often our own harshest critics and even more so when we become a mother. I believe we should all cut ourselves (and others) some slack – if we just remind ourselves to be kind every day, the world and the motherhood journey will be a more rewarding one.

…and that’s how our name - Bonnie x Kind - was born. Beautiful x Kind.”

Our Values

Bonnie x Kind’s vision is about doing things differently; understanding everyone is unique – one of a kind – and it’s ok to go against the grain.

We set out to create a beautiful pieces that support and uplift women through all stages of womanhood - so they feel confident, empowered and good about themselves.

Discover more below about what we stand for...

Without compromise

Our aim is to design pieces that are sophisticated and practical yet also timeless. Acquiring a Bonnie x Kind piece will entice the women wearing them to feel amazing and confident. Masterful craftmanship is at the foundation of our pieces and they will stand the test of time. Without a doubt, the Bonnie x Kind bags are as aesthetically elegant as something you would have chosen and owned before motherhood.

Empowering women

We want every woman carrying the Bonnie x Kind bag to feel self-assured and that she hasn’t given in to what people say she should and shouldn’t do/have/buy when becoming a mother. The Bonnie x Kind woman makes choices based on what’s right for her. She celebrates individuality and mindfulness in our world. 

We hope every Bonnie x Kind bag serves as a loyal companion and helper – always by your side wherever you travel in life.

Luxury craftsmanship

Every Bonnie x Kind bag is made to brave the test of time. Our sumptuous and premium leather wears more beautifully with character. Our quality designer pieces will serve you from infancy through to when little ones aren't so little anymore. They are also perfect as an everyday bag, work bag or for your travels around the world.

It takes more than 38 individual pieces to create each precious Bonnie x Kind bag. Precise attention to quality and detail are exercised during craftmanship and only a small quantity of bags are made and available for purchase at any given time to ensure we maintain our exceptional standard of quality.

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