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by judy fraser on December 01, 2020

"I feel really proud of myself to be able to admit and openly tell my friends - Motherhood isn’t easy!"

Tell us your quick back story:

“I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and left for Brisbane, Australia when I was four years old. My parents moved my brothers and I so we could have more opportunities when we were older. Growing up with a household of four brothers you learn to be very independent and know when to stand your ground. I’m a real tom-boy at heart…and I’m also known amongst my friends to be the ‘mother hen’ – always trying to fix things or wanting take care or looking out for others.

I moved to London when I was 24 years old after a breakup. One day, on a whim – I bought a one-way ticket and left for London three months later! Four weeks after landing in London I met my now fiancé Tim. We were both kiwi’s on work visas! What are the odds right? After two years of working in London, we decided to settle back in Australia and spent our time on The Gold Coast & in Sydney. We recently moved to Brisbane where I was raised and my family now lives.

Within 6 months of Tim and I getting engaged – we found out I was pregnant with our daughter Mila. It was a bit of a shock but the best surprise!

Before becoming a Mum, I had a successful career as an Executive Assistant, working with some amazing women entrepreneurs and business leaders in London, Sydney & Brisbane. I absolutely loved my job and really felt in my element. I think having had four brothers, it really honed my skill to be super organised and having foresight to always be one step ahead! 

Since having Mila almost six months ago, I recently launched my own Virtual Assistant business – Assist by Sara. I wanted to keep my mind busy and get back to doing what I loved. I’ve been really lucky, Mila is a really easy going baby – she’s with me when I am working, she’s my 2IC!.

My other passions are health and fitness and I love to cook and clean!! Crazy I know!”

Describe briefly what you thought motherhood would be like before you became a mother!

“I thought it would be very easy to be honest (and boy was I wrong)!

I have always wanted to be a mum ever since I was a very little girl because I used to look after my little brother who was 13 months younger than me right from when he was

born. I used to pick him up, cuddle him, burp him like he was my real life baby doll! I can only imagine how stressful this may have been for my Mum to watch!”


Did you have any ‘lightbulb moments’ about your sense of self after you became a mother?

“I feel really proud of myself to be able to admit and openly tell my friends - Motherhood isn’t easy!

Mila is an amazing baby who fed immediately and has slept through right from the start. But what I found the most difficult was adjusting to having to change my whole life now that I am a mum. My days revolves around her – which I am happy about because I love her to pieces – but earlier on I found it difficult to put my career on hold and more simply not being able to more freely do the things that I loved, for me – like going to the gym, spontaneously catching up with friends or finding the time to just get my nails done!

This certainly has been the biggest shift for me becoming a Mum – adjusting to that fact that my priorities have changed. Mila is my priority.


I also found as quite a big shock to me, as much as I loved my career, once Mila was actually born – I didn’t actually want to go back to work in the same capacity as my previous roles. I really didn’t think I’d feel like this as I really enjoyed my job! This was the reason I started my Virtual Assistant business, so I can still be with Mila whilst doing what mentally challenges me ‘virtually’ and still being able to contribute income to our family. I had such fond memories of my upbringing with my parents, as they were able to be around as they had the same flexibility due to running their own businesses. I really want to have that with Mila.

Mila is coming up to 6 moths now and I have now been able to get into a routine with her. This has meant I am able to balance and prioritise some of the things that I’ve missed doing – each week I strap Mila in her Baby Bjorn to me and we do gym sessions together. She is my 8kg weight for those killer quad exercises, ouch, I am still hurting! ”


Describe in a handful of words the woman you feel you are today.

“Strong, Confident, Loving and more relaxed!”


What piece of advice or learning, would you like to pass onto other mums?

“Every baby is different! There are no books or opinions you can get that are exactly right for you or your baby.

Trust yourself and learn what’s right for you and your bub. Wing it! Because we’re all winging it! And mums that tell you they’re not, they’re lying!"

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