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8 Simple Tips for an Instant Feel Good

by judy fraser on June 28, 2021

Hey gorgeous Mamas!

Whether you’ve recently become a new Mum or you’re jugging multiple little people tornado-ing through the house – being Mum is tough. It’s tiring yet rewarding. Your daily routine have changed and some days may feel like groundhog day. Your life revolves around your little person/people and emotionally it’s a mix of highs and lows.


Think it’s fair to say, we’ve all had days where we wake up and we just feel frumpy, a little down and not 100% ourselves. And you know what, it is completely ok to feel this way because what we juggle and keep in check is amazing. We’re practically superheros!


We thought we’d share ten simple and quick things you can inject into your day that’ll give you an instant ‘pick me up’ and hopefully fill your body with those magical, feel good hormones ! Give it a go – even if it’s just the one thing you do, your body and mind will thank you 🖤


1. Catch ups with friends


There are days you feel lonely and if you’ve just had your first bub, you may feel cut-off from your old life. It’s amazing what a couple hours out of the house, catching up with a friend does for the soul. Send a like-minded Mum a message, give her a call to lock in a morning out of the house at a park where there’s coffee(!)

Pack plenty of snacks for the kids, take a picnic rug down to the park - the bubs can tummy time or run around the playground whilst you bask in the sunshine and share the ups and downs you’re feeling. You’ll find your friend is in the same boat as you, feeling very much the same way.

You’ll walk away with a smile and maybe even a spring in your step from your time out catching up with a fellow Mama.  


2. Have a quick shower & put on a clean outfit


You can’t remember the last time you had uninterrupted sleep. You’re on your 3rd cup of coffee and my goodness, you still can’t stop the yawns ! Have a quick shower, even if it’s 2 minutes before you’re interrupted by your little one crying or running in asking you about that Duplo piece…it’ll not only give you an instant wake up but you’ll actually (surprisingly!) think a little more clearly.

Then put on a spanking clean outfit (where it still smells laundry-detergent-clean)….not one you’ve pick off ‘that’ chair and may have only worn once. You’ll instantly feel readier for the day – even to take on the worst of tantrums or that impromptu nappy explosion!  


3. Get Moving, go for a walk

Endorphins are not magic unicorns. They really are a thang! Pop bub or toddler in a pram, put on the sneakers and go for a walk. Even if it’s a few blocks around the neighbourhood to pick up milk, tonight’s dinner and another flat white. Stop by at a nearby playground before walking home. It’s a win win for you as well as the little ones.

What we also love - put bub/toddler in the pram as it’s nearing nap time to enjoy a long walk and fresh air. Put on the earphones and your favourite tunes/pod cast.

You’ll feel the endorphins kicking in - instant happiness booster!


4. A touch of make-up

It could be a slick of lippie or mascara or a little bit of blush. Work out what works for you and keep it simple. Just a few minutes to pop on a touch of make-up will do wonders for attitude and set you up for the day.


5. Accessorise!

Have you heard of the book ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’? It’s practically a bible for first time Mums and Dads. We love their quote – When you feel terrible, accessorise! And how true is it!

We all, to some degree, experience and feel a loss of our identity when we become a Mum.  We mourn spontaneity, the loss of our ‘old self’, the clothes, accessories, fashion we used to love and wear.

Invest in a couple of items that make you feel pulled together and feel good wearing such as an amazing pair of sunglasses, a statement belt that dresses up an outfit, or a Bonnie and Kind Baby Kit.  Something that makes you feel like a little more like your ‘old self’. It’s a simple and quick way to instantly feel good.

Also go through your wardrobe and see if there are pieces you would have worn prior to motherhood but you can absolutely still wear now dressed down i.e., a trench coat or a dressy top and you can pair it down with jeans and sneakers.


6. Put on a Podcast

With little time to read but our brain still thirsting for interesting stories, facts and news that’s happening around us – there is no better way to soak it all up than with a Podcast! Yes, can’t you tell we’re BIG fans!?

Have it playing in the background as you tackles household chores, when you’re in the car or as you’re making dinner…with a glass of wine in hand maybe!? It not only stimulates the brain but also what you soak up makes great conversation starters. Motherhood can feel isolating and we find podcasts are a great way to stay connected with the news and open our minds to lodes of interesting and wonderful stories.  


7. Clean Hair

Never will we take for granted the time we had before kids to wash hair ! It’s amazing how good having clean hair feels !! But we hear you, we don’t always have the time to wash…let alone style. If you do find the time, we highly recommend it for an instant feel good. Even if you don’t have the time to blow dry after wash – there are loads of leave in products available now that allows you to style in less than minute without having to blow dry. So you can just leave your hair to air dry (genius!)

 If you just don’t get the time (and we know there are plenty of days where this will be the case!) - dry shampoo works wonders, every time ! What did we do before dry shampoo !?


8. Be kind to yourself

We are our own worst critic. Do you hear that voice in your head - ‘you could have done it this way’, ‘you should be doing more of ….’ etc. It’s so easy to make ourselves feel guilty and beat ourselves up.

Remember, you’re doing the best you can and that’s all it matters. Be kind to yourself because you’re doing a splendid job! There is nothing our kids needs more than your smiles and unlimited cuddles 🖤

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