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Luxury Craftsmanship

In a world where fast fashion, cheap machine production is the new ‘normal’, we want to treasure and support the artisanal process that we believe luxury should stand for and exudes.

Every Bonnie & Kind baby wallet is made to last the test of time, the leather designed to wear more beautifully with character with each use. The baby wallet will see you through bub infancy through to toddlerhood. After that, a beautiful and momentous keepsake for passing down to your children’s next generation or use for yourself on your travels around the world.

All our wallets are meticulously made by hand in Australia with special attention to texture and detail, using the finest Italian leather and upmost premium materials. It takes 35 pieces to make each Bonnie & Kind baby wallet. Every wallet is one of a kind, with only a small batch hand made at any given time to preserve the uniqueness of this beautiful product.

Enjoy taking your baby wallet. We hope it brings a smile to your face as you take it with you on your travels, collecting memories with your Bub.