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"Couldn’t be happier with this bag. It’s well made and the leather is of high quality. "

- Anna, Bonnie and Kind customer


  • Oh it’s one of a kind baby! Cut from luxurious grained leather, the Bonnie & Kind Baby Kit has been thoughtfully designed to house all baby essentials for when you’re on the go. A deliciously stylish leather kit that your ‘old self’ would have loved and bought & it just happens to beautifully hold all of baby’s essentials.

    Refined and elegant, the Baby Kit is perfect worn on its own as a cross body bag. OR.... it slides beautifully into any one of your favourite tote bags and fits perfectly under the pram or in the car. No more compromising with cumbersome baby bags.

    Note: A Bonnie and Kind Change Mat is included with every Kit.

Forest Green
Dove Grey
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    Jess R.
    Australia Australia

    I’m in love

    I absolutely love my Bonnie and Kind bag. I have received so many compliments, and people are shocked when they find out it’s a nappy bag. The customer service was exceptional, delivery was quick, and the bag presented beautifully. The hardest part was deciding what colour!

    Hayley C.
    Australia Australia

    Divine quality: the perfect bag

    I umm’d and ahh’d over this bag for ages and wasn’t sure I could justify the money, and then thought ****** it, the baby has everything imaginable, why not spoil myself for once? I’m SO glad I did. The communication was outstanding, it arrived super quickly and the packaging is gorgeous. And that’s before I even get to the bag. Im so thrilled with the quality of this product. It feels designer, not baby. In fact, there’s nothing about this bag to give away that it’s a baby bag, asides from supreme functionality for venturing out with a bub. There’s space for all the essentials without lugging around a bulky bag. And I’m someone who wears a baby carrier rather than a pram so the backpacks and heavy shoulder bags just weren’t working for me. This little kit is the perfect alternative for the active, stylish Mum. And Dads, if you’re reading this, just buy it for her. What’s better than a beautiful new, functional bag? One that someone’s brought for you! Thanks Bonnie & Kind. Super happy customer. I just want it in the green now too…

    Melisa N.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Love love love

    Loving the kit! If only it existed with my first born. 10 weeks old baby, and this is all I carry when we go out! Who needs a big mommy backpack when you can look stylish!?

    Juliana W.
    Australia Australia

    I don't even have kids

    I just bought this bag for myself as an everyday bag lol - because it is nice to look at, roomy for it's size, has multiple compartments, sturdy and pretty lining, good zips. I love having all my things separated. As for the bonus change mat, I'll probably repurpose it for sitting on the grass or something.

    Australia Australia

    Thanks Bonnie X Kind

    I debated for months as to whether I should get this bag, as I wasn't sure if it would be big enough or practical enough as a nappy bag. In the end my Mum bought it for me as an early birthday present and I couldn't be happier with it. Not only is it gorgeous (I chose the blush), it smells amazing and the separate compartments mean that everything is so easy to find. I can even fit things in for both my toddler and my baby. It does take a while to get used to not packing everything, but I hated lugging around my old nappy bag and I found I didn't use half the stuff that was in it, so I had been breaking my back for no reason. My Bonnie and Kind is small enough for me to bring in from the car with me as soon as I get home and refill it for the next outing, it's easy to wear with a baby carrier and I don't have to hang it awkwardly off a pram, and I can do a quick nappy change in one of those horrible cramped toilets without having to lean my bag or bub on the dirty change table or floor. A big plus is that it looks like a beautiful handbag, so I plan on using it well after my girls are past babyhood. Delivery was super quick and my sister (who was with me when it arrived) was so impressed that she immediately bought one for herself, as she travels interstate a lot to her in laws and thought it would be super handy on the plane. Thanks Bonnie X Kind.